"Make 70 excuses for your believing brothers and sisters before you judge them."

Imam Ali (AS)

(Source: imamaliquotes, via thaqafa)

"There is a delicate organ in man’s body. If it is healthy all his body is healthy. If it gets ill, it was cause the ailment of the rest of the body. That is the heart."

The Messenger of Allah (ص) al-Khisal p. 68 (via shiaislam)

"How could the Prophet who wouldn’t leave Madinah to go to Makkah without appointing someone, leave this religion without appointing someone?"

Dr. Sayed Ammar Nakshawani (via sogandzakerhaghighi)

"You lost hope because you saw only your sins and could not see what is greater: His mercy."


Ways to ease your suffering during distress & trials:

-It’s destined
-It’s temporary
-It could’ve been worse
-It’s not in my Deen
-Lots of Reward


Shaykh Ahmad Jibril  (via gharibafisabilillah)

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"‏الحبّ هو الألفة ورفع الكلفة، أن لا تجد نفسك في حاجة للكذب، أن تصمتا أنتما الاثنين فيحلو الصّمت وأن يتكلم أحدكما فيحلو الإصغاء!"

مصطفى محمود (via scentdelanature)

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"ولا أرى غير شيئين لا يتخطى إليهما عقل الإنسان ولا تنالهما لغته..ما وراء القلب و ما وراء الطبيعة."

"مصطفى صادق الرافعي" (via scentdelanature)

(via imurad007)